Consulting can be for a variety of information, such as a comprehensive estimate of the annual costs of owning the vessel you describe. A moored vessel has many unforeseen costs versus a trailered vessel with many different benefits to each. I make these options more clear for your consideration.

Additionally the vessel may not be equipped for your particular needs. I can recommend what equipment range will suit your needs, related costs and a list of reliable certified dealers. I also consult on insurance claims and refits.

I also offer instruction time on the vessel to ensure you are more prepared to operate and navigate on your own. This includes launching and retrieving if trailered. I also go over correct docking procedures, fueling, operation of electronics and on board systems as well as the most efficient way to operate the vessel. Consulting is charged at $ 65.00 per hour.

Market Evaluation

I have a large network across Canada and the USA with boat dealers and brokers. I get weekly reports of boats offered in the marketplace and what has sold. Having sold or purchased for buyers over 1200 boats over 42 years I am up to date with a broad range of vessels and their values.

Upgrades, repowers and many other factors are used to determine ‘Fair Market Value’ of any given vessel. To ensure your purchase is equitably priced is important. Purchasing a vessel is a substantial investment and a professional assessment of value is important for your capital investment and that you are able to be insured appropriately.

I also supply a list of what is important to be insured for, such as underwater perils, liability, coastal geographical limits to operate in and the comprehensive side of an insurance binder for your protection.

The cost of a market evaluation is typically $ 65.00 for vessels up to 35’. For vessels up to 60’, depending on the rigging and propulsion system(s) it can be up to $ 95.00. This evaluation gives you similar vessels currently offered and recently sold in most cases. You will receive a firm quote on this on request. I look forward to hearing from you.

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