Authorization to Survey or Report

Before filling out this authorization form, please read over the following.

Survey Reporting

This report is issued without prejudice and solely for the use of the person who initiated the report. The information contained herein I certify to the best of my knowledge and belief.

The statements of facts are true and correctly noted. The report Analysis and Opinions are limited to the scope of my personal and professional conclusions without bias; I have made a full inspection of the unit including the subject material contained within this report. This report is a full and wholly contained analysis of the structure and cannot be used in part or separate from the full report.

This report is a professional opinion and does not constitute a warranty, expressed or implied. It is a statement of my professional opinion as viewed at the time and place of my inspection. This inspection is limited to the accessibility of certain areas of the structure.

Pacific Coast Marine does not assume any liability for damages, defects or deterioration not discovered in this inspection. Pacific Coast Marine does not assume any liability for repairs or any costs resulting from this analysis or any actions by others.

Scope of this Survey Report

The purpose of this survey is to report on the structure and equipment within inspected on the date, time & location indicated above. This report is submitted with the understanding there are physical barriers to accessibility to this inspection as noted. Comments & recommendations are made in consideration of the Standards of the Canadian Ministry of Transport & ABYC 2021 Manual.

All above recommendations are related to Ministry of Transport Guide Lines, Canadian Coast Guard Standards and ABYC. The recommendations are required for this vessel to enter into service and have Compliance of Regulations.

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