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Scope of your Survey Report

The purpose of the survey inspection is to report on the structural and cosmetic condition of the vessel. Reporting is also done on the AC and DC systems aboard and the related wiring of these systems regards Compliance and Condition. The onboard tankage and lineage is inspected with specific attention to through hulls and the Compliance of these connections and condition. Navionics, on board accessories and other aspects of the vessel are inspected in detail including the condition of Canvas coverings, etc. All of these aspects of the vessel are departmentally described and detailed in a full color easy to read format. The survey reporting varies for size and type but not less than 18 pages depending on the size and complexity of the vessel can be as much as 50 pages. Recommendations and notations are well documented with pictures. There is a full color photo gallery at the end of our documentation as a still picture virtual tour throughout the vessel as we access each area. This is not complete mechanical inspection, however we oversee the condition of the propulsion system(s) regards belts, hoses, steering, oils and other fluids that require oversite for a professional opinion as defined by the Canadian Ministry of Transport and the ABYC 2023 Manuals of marine requirements.

These recommendations are for Compliance for your vessel to be operated as per the mandatory guidelines and disclosure for insurance purposes, including and most importantly your safety afloat.


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